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Custom Wagon Wheels for just about any project.

New and used Wagon Wheels ~ Custom Work ~ Rebuilds/Repairs ~ Running Gears and Carriage/wagon Parts.

Welcome to Custom Wagon wheels. We build high quality wooden wagon wheels for nearly any use. From small decorative projects to applications which will hold thousands of pounds. All of our wheels are crafted from hardwood hickory, Kiln-dried, cured perfectly, and fitted with fire-forged steel rims or formed steel channel which will accept tough rubber tires. Even our Decorative wooden wagon wheels are ready for decades of use indoors or out.

Quality has been the cornerstone of our business for 14 years. Our hardwood is harvested locally. Our steel and rubber is made here in the U.S. We put the same honest craftsmanship into wheels that will support a stationary decorative cart in a garden as we do historicaly accurate cannon wheels going to a museum. And just about any application you can think of between those. Vending Cart wheels, carriage and buggy wheels, Cannon wheels, decorative and custom wheels. Hard wood. Hard Steel. Hard wheels. That's what we do.

Feel free to call our toll free number or email us to discuss your project. Best, Eric & Crew at Custom Wagon Wheels.


Buggy Wheels
Buggy and Carriage wheels

Our sturdy horse friendly buggy wheels are priced very fairly, about one hundred dollars per set under the average price. We build only quality carriage and buggy wheels from grade 1 hickory, with bolted hubs and heat forged rims. We can build a solid set of buggy wheels for you whether you have an old rig or are starting from scratch. We build new wheels off of old hubs and boxings regularly.



Wooden Wagon Wheels
Decorative Wooden Wagon Wheels

Our decorative wagon wheels are built to last. We are the only shop offering decorative wagon wheels with stain, varnish, and fire-forging techniques to make our wheels look truly antique. Many styles of decorative wheels available. Even plain ones..



Cannon Wheels
Cannon Wheels

We make cannon wheels, also. Small or large, we can build them for any cannon project you have. All types of Cannon, howitzers, etc.


Cart Wagon Wheels

Vending Cart Wheels

From vending cart wheels on a boardwalk to a kiosk in a mall, from a goat cart to a Mormon hand cart, we can build the cart wheels you need. We build Vending Push Cart wheels at great prices for nearly any application, and offer them in a large range of sizes complete with axles and mounting hardware..



Carts & Wagons
Carts & Wagons

We also offer horse drawn wagons, decorative wagons, and carts. From road-ready Buckboard wagons to vending carts, or just good, solid wagons for yard decor, we build a line of rigs which fit many needs. All of our carts and wagons are built from hardwoods such as Poplar, Ash, and Hickory. Lead time for larger rigs is one month, and two weeks for the smaller yard decor type, but includes our replica of the Mormon Hand Cart.



Steel Wagon Wheels
Steel Wagon Wheels

If you prefer steel to wood, we have iron and steel wheels in many sizes. All of our iron and steel wheels are antique, but suitable for most farming applications, and certainly for decorative use around your home or garden. Many of these come off Amish horse drawn wagons. Another rustic decorative option are our authentic, used wood Amish buggy wheels. These are a perfect, low cost choice for garden, log home, and western decor.


We offer low-cost shipping due to our 57% Nation-wide discount via Fed Ex.
Please feel free to contact us at:
Rustic At Heart
2793 German Church Rd
Lexington, OH 44904

E-Mail: info@customwagonwheels.com
Toll Free: (877) 261-5432 or (614) 329-0411

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