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Set of 4 Buggy-Carriage Wheels
A complete set of four new Buggy wheels in a wide size range for a very fair price. Our wheels are built from solid steam-bent Hickory and are tough as nails, for even the hardest driving. This bargain price includes all four wheels in sizes ranging from 24”-48” in standard 1” width steel rims and bearings already packed in your wheels. We sell axles also, to your custom length. These wheels accept 1” or 1 1/8” axles. If your rig is older, we can build off of your existing hubs or switch your axles out to accept our wheels. Rubber rims, flush Hubs, individually priced wheels, staining and painting options are listed below. We make beautiful, dependable buggy and wagon wheels that will last for many years on even the toughest backroads, and we look forward to doing business with you. Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we can answer your questions quicker that way. All the best to you and yours, Eric @ Custom Wagon Wheels.

Standard 1” width, steel or rubber tire. Fit standard machined axles @ 1” or 1 1/8” (center axle meas.) Available up to 2 1/2” wide. (Please call for prices and options.)
Rebuilds very welcome. In most every case we can rebuild an entirely new wheel off of your old hubs, which will be an almost exact replica of the original. Simply give us a call to discuss the particulars, box up your hubs, and we'll have them picked up on your doorstep. About 4 weeks later, you'll have a new set of wheels that will fit your existing axles. Should you choose to switch out from your old grease axle set up, we can furnish new roller bearing axles or stub axles which you can weld onto your existing axle. If you don't wish to join the 21'st century, don't worry, we rebuild the old Sarvin hub wheels, or build from scratch as well. In this case, we'll probably still at least need the boxings (sleeves) within your old hubs, which will assure a match. There are many different styles and sizes of boxings inside older wheels, which is what many people do not understand today. The companies of old did this for the same purpose the car companies do it today; so that you would return to them for service. This is our challenge, and there are many ways to meet it while still retaining the original and historical look of your wheels.

Again, don't hesitate to call us at (877) 261-5432 or send us an email before you purchase. The process of rebuilding can sometimes become complicated, and we would like to make it as easy, understandable, and cost efficient as possible for you.

Price - $700.00 per set

Add Rubber:
Available in even sizes from 24" to 48"
Individual Wheels
Flat Steel Rim
Price Per Wheel: $175.00
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Select Size:

Rubber Rim (Round Top or Flat)
Price Per Wheel: $195.00
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Select Size:

Stained Wheels: Minwax Golden Oak
Price Per Set - $60.00
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Stain / Varnish (Regular Polyurethane)
Price Per Set - $100.00
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Stain / Varnish (Marine - Superior Protection)
Price Per Set - $200.00
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Paint (Choice of Black, White, Red)
Price Per Set - $225.00
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Select Color:

Rubber Rims
Price Per Set - $80.00
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Half Round Iron Rims
Price Per Set - $32.00
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Standard Axle (Up to 68")
Price - $65.00 Each
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1" Axle (Cut to your size)
Price - $45.00 Each
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1 1/8" Axle (Cut to your size)
Price - $50.00 Each
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Flush Hubs
Price Per Set - $60.00
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Bearings / Seals / End Caps
Price Per Set - $35.00
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We offer low-cost shipping due to our 57% Nation-wide discount via Fed Ex.
Please feel free to contact us at:
Rustic At Heart
2793 German Church Rd
Lexington, OH 44904

E-Mail: info@customwagonwheels.com
Toll Free: (877) 261-5432 or (614) 329-0411

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