Buckboard Wagon (Full-Sized)

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Full-Sized Buckboard Wagon Full-Sized Buckboard Wagon Full-Sized Buckboard Wagon
Full-Sized Buckboard Wagon    
A quality built, full-sized, horse drawn Buckboard wagon for a very fair price.
Constructed of ash and poplar, this wagon is made to take a beating. Full size standard bed at 8' x 3'. 1,500 Lb weight bearing capacity. Please find options for adding brakes or switching to rubber-rim tires below.

Package Details:
• Solid Hickory Roller bearing wheels, 3/8” steel Rims. 38” Front. 42” Rear
• 1 1/8” Axles/Bearings. Bearings packed in wheels.
• Steam bent Hickory shafts at 8' Long.
• One foot deep sides.
• Raised wooden seat on heavy-duty springs.
• Hinged tailgate
• Sidesteps

Shipping averages $300.00 in lower 48 States. Pickup is welcome. Fits in back of a full-sized pickup truck.
Price - $2,250.00
Add Hydraulic Brakes
Price - $325.00
Add Friction Brake
Price Per Set - $200.00
Change To Rubber Rim Wheel
Price Per Set - $40.00
Add Stain (Rustic Golden Oak)
Price Per Set - $150.00
Add Paint (White Gloss)
Price Per Set - $350.00
Add Paint (Black Gloss)
Price Per Set - $350.00
We offer low-cost shipping due to our 57% Nation-wide discount via Fed Ex.
Please feel free to contact us at:
Rustic At Heart
2793 German Church Rd
Lexington, OH 44904

E-Mail: info@customwagonwheels.com
Toll Free: (877) 261-5432 or (614) 329-0411

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