Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheels
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Decorative Wagon Wheels Decorative Wagon Wheels
An excellent cheaper alternative to our Cannon Wheels. Even tougher than our regular decorative wooden wheels, with a larger hub, bigger spokes, and a wider rim @ 1 1/2" These wheels will bear 200 Lbs. Each, and work well for stationary wagons, carts, vending stands. If they will be rolled much, we reccomend placing a bushing in the center, which we can do for you. Not reccomended for passenger or horse drawn use. We make even stronger wheels for that purpose. This is a great looking sturdy wheel for the price.
Available in even sizes from 24" to 48"
24" Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheel
Price Per Wheel: $110.00 $120.00
Weight: 15lbs

36" Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheel
Price Per Wheel: $125.00 $135.00
Weight: 22lbs

38" Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheel
Price Per Wheel: $140.00 $150.00
Weight: 25lbs

42" Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheel
Price Per Wheel: $143.00 $153.00
Weight: 40lbs

48" Heavy-Duty Decorative Wagon Wheel
Price Per Wheel: $163.00 $173.00
Weight: 50lbs

We go over your wheel with a torch to bring out the grain and give it a distressed, antique appearence. Staining (below) accentuates this process and really gives your wheel a warm, rustic look.
Price Per Wheel: $10.00

Two coats of polyurethane for protection against the elements in most situations. If wheels are exposed 24/7 to direct sunlight, rain, freezing, extreme heat or saltwater, give them the extra protection they need and go with Marine varnish. They'll last for generations this way. Indoor wheels, up on the porch, chandeliers, pot racks, in stair wells or protected railings, then go with our regular varnish. You'll have both choices below.
Price Per Wheel: $5.00

Regular Varnish
Price Per Wheel: $5.00

Marine Varnish (24" - 36")
Price Per Wheel: $20.00

Marine Varnish (38" - 48")
Price Per Wheel: $20.00

1" Bushing
Add steel bushings to your wheel if they will be rolled frequently to extend the life of the hub. Bushings also provide smoother, quieter movement.
Price Per Wheel: $20.00

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